Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snaps> A Quick Christmas Trip

So after spending Christmas with my family here in socal, Me and my gf decided to jet back to Phoenix for christmas weekend to visit and chill with friends and family. Jared was kind enough to let me crash at his crib for the weekend. It was a nice time chillin with the crew, gettin back to the basics, bbq-ing, and helping alex drop his car off at future fab.


6hr drive down the I-10 back to Phoenix

BBQ with the crew

running errands in Jared's DD S13

loading up Alex's car...yes, his car has been MIA for awhile.

Cowboy-Cut Jared

Raymo aka Frizzle aka BN.Baller

@ Future Fab

Alex droppin his car off..

the verdict by Jared

Raymo got his rears mounted up...

I miss the beautiful AZ sunsets...

Jared's S13...please vote for him on speedhunters.

Cowboy-Cut Jared riding out into the sunset lolol.

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