Friday, March 29, 2013

BAN or BN... there can only be one

Now entering the fourth month of the New Year EVERYONE has been extremely busy!

The official track season has started; Vegas drift / ProamFormula Drift, and NASA to name a few.

At the same time Stunt'n season has started with a Large list of up coming car shows and events such as; WekfestSlammed-Society, and Hellaflush to name a few.

As for TopFlightPHX we are getting back basics. Raymond has furthered his quest for BN completeness with the new hood as well upgrading his s14 roof top. Jared has ditched the sr20 for more power with the new jz motor swap hype. Brad has pulled the car cover off the s13 hatch and washed it. Vince has upgraded the traditional 2871 kit on his sr20 to the big boy twin scroll gtx3076. Alex has fitted another set of oversized wheels to the  swagbot 350z. Vince crashed his s14. George is still rippin up the local drift Damien has sorted through his tuning issues and completed two HPED events thus far .

Future plans to refocus on the origination of Team Top Flight are in the works. From random video clips of cruising footage to candid photos of west coast automotive events.

Until the next update enjoy a few snaps of Raymond's s14 progress.

- Team Top Flight

                                                                Aftermarket sunroof

New OEM top 

Good bye aftermarket

BN sports hood


                                                 The prez is spotted at the local drift event...

The new look All BN Everything