Saturday, December 29, 2012

Purple Curse

I've know Jared nearly all of my life. There are a few things he's good at...... Talking shit, and well... talking shit.

Known for going against the grain, standing out, making statements, and setting trends; Jared Nieves is definitely unique. Now if I had to add a third quality Jared has perfected well... that would be the Pursuit of Perfection itself.

Jared has an impeccable eye for knowing what's hot and what's not before the groupies catch on. From his extensive Jordan shoe fetish to his growing Work wheel collection Jared only knows quality.

Want to know more about Jared... Check out the Fresh write up of the "Purple Curse" presented by ImportTuner

Stay above the trends, keep and EYE out for the following #hash-tags, and most importantly checkout the full write up @



-D. Payne

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Track Setup

With Vince selling his SSR Vienna Courages with intentions of driving more. He bought himself a few goodies to add more performance to the car. Amongst those parts were new wheels, top twin scroll set with GTX3071, and a few other parts. More updates to come as he makes more progress!!!
The Courages went to a good home, and you guys will be seeing them again soon. I think they ended up some where in Arizona ; ).


Cant get enough....
of BN Sports that is!!!


Here is a sneak peek of the new wheels. Wheel sizes are 18x10-41 18x11-31 Weds Kranze Vishunu in SBC. I lowered the car a bit more as well. I will have full pics up soon.

 Stay tuned... TF