Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank you Speedhunters

Big-ups and thank you to Speedhunters for featuring Jared's and Vince's Cars.

Please check out:

off seasons by DA

it's fancy music, no flashy import models, no stylish intros...JUST DRIFT.

off seasons from Drift Alliance on Vimeo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snaps > Jared's *Hellaflush approved* S13 build completed (aka Silver Surfer)

After a few dedicated months of hardwork, time, money, hard wrenching, fabricating, blood, sweat and tears.... TF crew member, Jared aka curb killa has finished his build of his S13 hatchback, aka Silver Surfer...Here are the shot's done by one of our resident TF photographers,Harry aka Boost...enjoy guys

Special thanks:
Pitstop Performance
Danny @ Twisted Metal Autobody (AZ)
John @ Future Fabrications
Raymo for breaking the subframe bolt
Alex for electical help
Pat for figuring out Alex's electical help

Josh @ hellaflush for featuring the car

Special Thanks to Josh @ HellaFlush / Fatlace for showing love.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snaps> Ace Up Motorsports X Bri's S14 Zenki

Today I helped my friend Vitaly, owner of Ace Up Motorsports, AZ.... shoot a car that he built....Here are pics of Bri's S14 Stormtrooper White Zenki (and Yes, the girl in the pics actually owns the vehicle).

Ace up Write up:

Cute huh? This car was built by up and coming Ace up Motorsports in Scottsdale AZ, Legit, honest, resourceful and enterprising with a necessary obligation for perfection and neatness Vitaly has a knack for mechanics and working with his hands.

It has to be mentioned Ace up wasn’t the only one who had their hand in the build process. Old friends of Bri; Dylan and Dalton (Eleven’s paint and fiber) have mad skills with body and paint, so only fitting to help her clean this up and mod some of the existing body panels to create a more unique vibe to the car. Bri isn’t a fan of working on cars but that doesn’t mean she didn’t put any work into the car. The style is all hers, with the help of her man (yes, she’s taken), Vitaly of Ace up. You can expect to see this car out on the track soon…well, as soon as the snowboarding season is over.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vid > Toffee Apple V.2 by Mez Productions

AE71 + Jimi Hendrix + Superb vid = Massive Win!!

here's a vid produced by Mez Productions

Please check out:

Toffee Apple V.2 from MeZ Productions on Vimeo.