Monday, May 31, 2010

Update> Raymo's S14 Build Update (Part 1)...SSRs have landed

After much excitement and anticipation, I've finally receved my SSR wheels from Vivid last week. I spared no time, and was able to get some work done on the car today.

I installed my new brakes today, they were originally from a nissan sentra Spec V (Big Ups to Coz @ Concept Z for hooking me up). I was also able to test fit my new SSR VF1's with my BN front fenders. After the much needed test fit, I will possibly be using 225/40R18 tires for the front and maybe 255/35/18 or 265/35/18 tires for the rear.


18x10.5 -26 (Fronts)
18x12 -14 (Rears)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Snaps> ZOMGBBQ coming soon

Attended the Annual ZOMGBBQ meet held by our homie Teddy will be up soon.

Snaps> XDC Vegas 2010 (The Pits)

It was a fun and relaxing trip to Las Vegas last weekend for XDC. Me, Raymo and Jared drove down to Vegas and stayed at Vince's house to enjoy the 24hr Vegas atmosphere, drifting, cars and roulette! It was definitely good seeing everyone again, since moviing to cali. Unfortunately during out stay in Vegas that weekend, Jared snapped his rear axle, hence a midnight fix was in order. Thanks to Vince's very kind cousin, Jared was able to find a replacement, repair the car in one night and drive home back to AZ with Raymo the next day.

Anyhow here are the snaps...


Raymo..always snaking parts

Vince prepared the weiner bait!

Here's vince tryin to capture the monster..

our resident tokin' black guy..minus the tokin'

don't mess with the eyebrow's bro!

midnight quick fix on jared's car

snapped an axle..note to self, don't clutch kick in a casion parking garage


Forrest's car...hopefully he'll get it back up and running again soon..

Congrads George!

Mr Burns

shhhh...dont wake up the baby.

Mr Larry Chen (driftfotos)...aka Snake Project comin soon...

Ksport Jason and his new LS1 powered S13

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Snaps> XDC Vegas 2010 (Drifting)

Here are the action shots @ XDC. Sorry for the blurry-ness...the winds were pretty bad, hence it was pretty tough to square away some sharp shots...

Snaps > XDC Vegas 2010 (Booty Bounce edition)

Courtesy of our resident pervert Jared...who so boldly stood in front on the stage to snaps these pics, just for you!