Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Snaps> Starting 2011 Proper...Photos by Teddy & OMGdrift

I was tossing and turning in my bed on the brink of New Year's comtemplating how to spend my day. And then my phone went off, and it was my psuedo BF teddy (no homo) asking me.."you're not down to come to willow?". after reading the text, i tossed around for a couple more minutes before waking up and prepping my car to head down to Willow springs raceway to meet up with the 626 brothers, Chuck and Teddy (Team Mulsanne) and Nieko (Team Hammertime).

It was a fun time of messing around on the track, esp since Chuck just finished his 1JZ swap (stay tuned to for the full spread), and watching Nieko get down with some gangbangin' backward entries. It was also a pleasure to meet Andrew from OMGdrift who came to hangout and shoot some pics too..all in all an awesome day @ Willow and a good way to kick 2011 off...

so on behalf of TFcrew... HAPPY NEW YEARS to one and all! and may 2011 be an amazing year for you!


Nieko wall tap like a Boss!

Super angle entries from Nieko

Chuck Uemura w/ his new 1Jizzmo

Me & Chuck