Thursday, September 23, 2010


came across this vid...and i nearly shit my pants laughin

God Bless Drift Titties and Europeans!!

Absolutely NSFW Promo Video - XPROVID Films. from XPROVID Films. on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snaps> Bad Axles, Hangin w/ Vince and Sliding @ Willow

Had an awesome weekend last week! Vince and Ryan came to socal to visit and party! Twas an eventful weekend, however the mood was kinda dampened by mishaps and stuff breaking...however it panned out fine in the end, thanks to a select few people's help and support!

Vince and Ryan rollin hard!

Vince like a G, makin his breezy work on my car! lololol

New shoes

Watch out for Harrison's New upcoming site

So while vince and me were test fitting my new shoes, we noticed alot of bearing grease all over the rear subframe..after further inspection we discovered that I had ripped my CV boot completely off and the bearings were pretty much exposed and ready to fall out...I probably messed it up drifting at the All star car battle event in AZ in Aug..and i'm lucky the dam axle didn't fall out from the drive back from AZ to socal..jeez!

and off course in the process of removing the wheels i find out i stripped out a couple of my kics lugs...but thank god for Denise and DK who came by to help and support with my last minute fix of a spare axle sourced out last minute by Charlie, I was able to get the car up and running to do a test&tune sesh at Willow the following morning!

my official willow membership...sweet! (yea, yea, yea..i'm old, shut up!)

holdin it down at balcony

So being a chill sesh at Balcony that morning, I decided to bust out the camera and snap a couple shots friends that rode up together..

brian with RoadRace...V8 monster


Karl Wasabi throwin down in his DD

Jackson aka Mr. 626drift hero



John aka imakeshitlookeasy

so overall I had an amazing weekend of chillin with friends and drifting at Willow.

Special thanks to:
Vince and vegas crew for comin to chill
Denise for axle help
DK saving my ass
Charlie for last minute sourcing for a spare axle
Maly for food and beer


Friday, September 3, 2010

Snaps> Rainier from Garage Vegas made HellaFlush

My Royal Flush homie Rai made dope! keep makin it rain! next up Vince Gomez!

Rainier's SICK 240 from Neek on Vimeo.

Snaps> Thank you Canibeat and Charles Siritho

Here are more shots from the All Star Car Battle 2010 from photographters Matt Chandler and Marin Nelson...and HEC photographer Charles Siritho...thanks for the amazing shots guys!

please check out:

Reppin TF crew socal division..brad

Kenda S14.5

Wiring Guru Champa

Chase Goodman..back up and running!

Joe Haven killing it!

Ace up crew...Danny Le aka Daddy Le

Ace up crew..VitalyS

Pimp switch sticker sold by Ace Up crew...

High End Culture sponsored driver Mike burns

Mike burns with the bang bang skeet skeet!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update> Rewiring the S13

My car has been down for a little over a month due to making some changes. I've always had wiring problems when it comes to the 240s I've owned. but I thought with this shell it would be different. WRONG! I bought the shell with a "fuse box relocation" (under headlights) and I thought it was all gonna be kosher, however to my dismay after hitting the track at a local drag/drift night. My car started giving problems...and started popping fuses like it was going out of style.

So in frustration of this ALWAYS happening to me I turned to a friend, Kelly Banks aka "Kbanks". So far I'm pleased with the progress he's made and can't wait to drive my car again. Here's some quick pics of the work thus far. You can also view pics at


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vid > Daddy Le X ASCB 2010

Here's a vid of Daddy Le at ASCB....He qualified 10th, finished 4th for his first pro-am event ever. Congrads Danny!!

ASCB Drift practice run from danny on Vimeo.

Event> Celebrating @ All Star Car Battle 2010 (FIR, AZ)

With a $6K 1st prize give-away ($3K 2nd prize and $1.5K 3rd prize), the mood of competition was in the air @ Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix, AZ. With drivers coming from all corners of the state as well as drifters from cali, vegas and tx coming out, it was gonna be a drift palooza of pro-am drivers and professional drivers.

And off course, I couldn't turn down an opportunity to return back to phx for the weekend to drift with all my friends and celebrate my birthday at the track! I just wanna say thanks to Trial By Fire (and staff) for co-ordinating the event, thanks to topflight bros for their support, special thanks to Maly and Bri for buying me a cake and all my az drift friends for their support and best wishes!



congrads to Daddy Le for 4th position!!

626 bros Chris and Devin from socal! yay!

thanks Maly and Bri for the cake!

here it comes!

Red velvet...nom nom nom!

mortal combat!

most delicious ribs by Jared