Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snaps> Homie Shoutout to Bill Watcher up in Seattle,WA

So if you watch some of our old videos, you'd notice this familiar's an update of our homie up in snowman's land (WA)....miss you always bill and oli!!

Sorry for the poor quality of pics..cellphone status in WA only.

Bill Watcher's old ride back when he rolled with us...

He's the flamboyant type if you didn't notice

his ugly mug

gettin that phoenix street action up in Washington..lolol

rollin cressy!

it's cold and icy out, but he still get's down in Washington like the good ol' days


Anonymous said...

Chinatown, eh?

Anonymous said...

my nigga!!

Zeb said...

More cressida

BillWatcher said...

Uwajimaya is where its at down there