Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update> Brad hits Sideway Sundays @ Irwindale

Hey guys,
after gettin my new AME shoes, i decided there was only one way to break them in...lolol

got an alignment by XDC driver Daniel Kuo @ Pepboys on colima & spot for lowered cars..

rise and shine..early morning track day..time to wash the cars

thank god XDC driver DK brought his support vehicle..thanks for transporting my aero and spare wheels guys!

strappin my aero on..

thanks melissa for patchin me up

tech'd and ready to rock!

me and DK on grid

changed out my old Kazamas...special thanks to my friends @ SPLparts for hookin me up with Z32 tein inners and SPL outers...FULL LOCKIN' like a boss

definitely a great way to spend a sunday with drift friends and family...