Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vid > Jared's House Warming / Team BBQ (Memorial Day Weekend) Video

Jared House Warming / Team BBQ (Memorial Day Weekend) from Team TopFlight on Vimeo.

Snaps > Jared's House Warming / Team BBQ (Memorial Day Weekend)


Nom Nom Nom!!

Taste sooo good, make you wanna slap yo' mama!

too much meat!

Grid tourney! Snake thinks he can drift an FD...yeaaa right!

King Cobra himself with the baby snakes...

Alex fcukin' up Jareds house...fcuk yo couch, i mean chair!!!


Jessica, our big booty drift groupie

Alex, on crack

Monday, May 18, 2009

Snaps > Big Booboo....ouch!

It was a long saturday night last weekend. George met with a drift booboo...4 tow trucks later (short bed/long bed/winch type), we were able to get him outta the ditch and it was morning when we left (as you can see)...

thank god the motor was untouched, and there was only frame damage from his 50/50 boardslide down the curb...we've officially created a new sport called "drift grind"....

We celebrate the good and the bad on our site...please don't have the misconceptions that as grassroots local drifters we don't make mistakes and everything is picture perfect...mistakes happen, but we have big hearts, awesome friendships/brotherhood, we laugh it off and we push on together... we build, we drift, we crash, we rebuild and we keep drifting...right behind you Georgie!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snaps > D1GP Drifting (Part Uno)

Photos were off Dax's Cam in the Media Pit, for updates of his trip @ D1GP and El Toro Track day with Dai check out http://roflhouserock.blogspot.com

Snaps > D1GP drifting (Part Deux)

Snaps > Goofin' around @ D1GP

at the babe blvd booth

d.payne finds his soulmate

the snake sleeps

random hotties....minus the dudes

one of our resident TF photographer (Dax)..hard at work (DMRproductions.com)

OMG! its D.Payne!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Snaps > D1GP Operation Ninja Perv Spy

ok first order of business, as requested by george and watcher...here are the Operation Ninja Perv Spy shots...i tried my best, and nearly got caught by some of the girls...but thanks to d.payne and raymo...i was able to square away some decent shots with ninja stealth!