Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snaps> Damien's S14 Track Car Update

As Top Flight continues to progress with it's members builds; I have spent more time building than driving this pass year. However I definitely have plans to change this soon!

Recently this winter season, I have been working hard on the s14 that I have somehow forgotten. I originally purchased my 95' S14 two years prior as a bone stock automatic vehicle. This project was however side tracked, and my once ideal "track car" was put on the back shelf momentarily while I completed my street car project which is currently running and being daily driven.

My Completed Street Car

Now having my street car finished I'm able to wrench most weekends, and I'm in the midst of preparing and assembling a track worthy beast.... only time will tell, and here is my progress so far ;)


My New Track Car Project


Emiliano said...

nice work man! like the black 14..
regards from germany

Payne said...

Thank you sir- we'll have to chill when I'm in Germany this summer

Emiliano said...

Ohh yeahh let me know.
what time you will be here?
3. - 5. June there is one of the best events in europe (Danmark Vandel) http://vmax.dk/page/1240
pics and vid of last year:

teddydanh said...

So you decided to go with a kit after all huh?