Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vid > Rising Tokyo - Pharrell Williams

Hey Guys,

if you appreciate art, music, culture, life in Japan or anything related to Japanese culture...such as the cars we drive and drift..please take the time to check out this short documentary by Pharrell.

Japan is beautiful.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vid> Vince @ the Get Nutz Lab

Went down to hang with the homie Raimo and Forrest at the Getnutz lab..and as usual it never stays sane. broke out the cones and setup a course outback...started sliding..oh well...another day another slide...holdin it down for TFcrew in Vegas wit the TF13.4..suwoo!

- vince

make sure you guys come Dec 10th to the GetNutz Laboratory...goodtimes!

Update> it's 3 o'clock in the mawnin'

it's 3am, me and alex are still workin on a harness...hopefully we'll finish up before the sun comes up.


Post thanksgiving BBQ @ Kbanks Shop

So kbanks invited us to come chill @ his shop for a post-thanksgiving bbq...here are some pics

Jared's TF13 neongrams (wear your shades)

TF crew Pat, Jared and Alex rolled thru to the BBQ

Raymo w/ the facepalm

random claire pic

raymo & Alex

Aceup & Elven's homies

Damien snakin as usual

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update> Been busy sorry...

Hey guys, sorry we've been busy building and goofin..and somehow neglected out blog for a bit..anyhow here's where we stand as of current..

Raymo's TFBN14 sweepin the streets

Damien's still building since 08' lolol

Alex's TF350...he's put a hold on his cocaine14 for now

Vince's TF13.4 killin' the streets of Vegas..

Jared just took a small show award out in phx this weekend..teaching lil joshy bout winning!

brad still be socal sliding @ sideway sundays, Irwindale

we'll try to update more as we go along...stay fresh homies!