Monday, May 31, 2010

Update> Raymo's S14 Build Update (Part 1)...SSRs have landed

After much excitement and anticipation, I've finally receved my SSR wheels from Vivid last week. I spared no time, and was able to get some work done on the car today.

I installed my new brakes today, they were originally from a nissan sentra Spec V (Big Ups to Coz @ Concept Z for hooking me up). I was also able to test fit my new SSR VF1's with my BN front fenders. After the much needed test fit, I will possibly be using 225/40R18 tires for the front and maybe 255/35/18 or 265/35/18 tires for the rear.


18x10.5 -26 (Fronts)
18x12 -14 (Rears)


dramasplayhouse said...

This is gonna look fresh.

Anonymous said...

damn i was planning to use these wheels for my s14

Insane Drifters said...

Those wheels are so right.

raymond said...

Thanks guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Wheels are lookin good Bill Cosby

raymond said...

Thanks Mel Gibson!!