Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snaps> 626 Ladies Drift Aesthetics May Event (Part 1 of 2)

It was a beautiful sunday for the May Ladies 626drift event, with awesome weather and spirits running high. Me and my girlfriend Maly decided to participate in our first Cali event with the 626crew.

It was an awesome event, no expectations, no douches and an extremely friendly atmosphere with guys and girls interacting from the different drivers classes and sharing knowledge and techniques on drifting. It was definitely a fun experience to be able to drift with girls and watch ridiculous 3 car MSC style tandems from the advance drivers. I definitely had an amazing time making new friends, meeting cali drifters and sliding with them at Willowsprings.



Charlie (photog) and Jackson (Head honcho of 626)

Mr edgar in da house

gotta love TEs

changin out some tires

watermelon jenga!

VRT in da house

Nieko's got style

Original Gangstas

America Fuck Yea!

Coupe Buttseks

Cody holdin' it down for Mulsanne

VRT vs Team Mulsanne

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