Monday, May 17, 2010

Featured Blogs > Takin the time to appreciate! (Non-US version)

I was browsing some of our feedback comments and posts from drift comrades and friends around the world and I must say that there are some awesome things happening in other drift-scenes in Aussieland, NZ, UK...etc.

I just wanna take the time to thank all our friends abroad for supporting us, and doin what they do because they inspire us.... keep up the awesome work!

here are some other blogs and links that we enjoy reading...

Jake aka Driftsquid

Mez Productions

Team All Star Performance from Mez Productions on Vimeo.

Club Outrun Japan 2009 from Mez Productions on Vimeo.

Give It Up For Drift from Mez Productions on Vimeo.

Nigel (insane drifters)

Grant, Jason and Noddy (midnight mechanics)

C's Garage boys