Monday, April 18, 2011

Update> Patrick's long road from s13 to s14...First long awaited post for 2011!

So I guess now would be a good time to introduce myself and my cars. My goal with all the cars I build is to make a car that I can daily drive with as little issue's as possible and that will take all the abuse I can dish out on the track.

I started with an s13 hatch that had a ka24de with a gt3071r running about 9psi. I drifted the car at a few drag and drift events at fir and the final event I did was at pir. The car a blast to drive there, but it was slightly under powered and my clutch was slipping towards the end of the day. So when I got home I removed the engine to paint the car, and at the same time add a bodykit, upgrade the injectors from 550's to 1000cc's, upgrade my turbo manifold, ect. But unfortunatly, things spiralled out of control and I started to make a dedicated track car which is what I originally did not want.

Fast forward a couple months and I lost intrest in the s13 and I bought a silver s14. The car was an se with no sunroof, but unfortunatly was an auto/abs/leather car the was pretty wore. The stock ka was on its last leg, so I decided to put the engine and trans out of the s13 into the s14 with some upgrade. I bought an ams fuel kit, act clutch and flywheel for the rb25, street or strip concepts manifold, and some other misc parts. I eventully got the car running with some help from champa. The final outcome was 17psi from the gt3071r on a completely stock ka with the help of alot of e85.

I eventually added wheels and suspention to the car in the form of ksport coilovers and varrstoen wheels. I've been daily driving the car for a couple months now.

This past weekend I decided to drag race my car at the local imports vs. domestics event, but on the first run I spun in 1st-3rd gear and when I finally caught traction I sheared third gear off. After scott tow'd me home, I replaced the trans the next day at my work. My plans for the future are to dyno tune the car at 22psi of boost, go to the next local drift event and continue to daily drive the car.

Sorry for the long introduction, but I think that should bring everyone up to speed on whats going on with the car.



Anonymous said...

It makes my body tingle to see you update finally.

Anonymous said...

Damn that s14 looks so fresh! i hate myself for buying p45s after seeing this! whats the spec on the wheels?