Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snaps > Damien's build update (EFR turbo style)

Time for and update!

Lately I have been super busy with and increased focus on school which has not allowed much time to focus on the Nissans. When available I have been working towards the final stages of both the daily drive s14 and potential track car.

As of this week we have begun the prepping process to spray the s14 street car. I have decided to add JDM Navan side skirts and Kouki rear valances. The JDM front bumper being new also needed paint so why not reshoot the entire car?.... Exactly

Before beginning the prep work I had requested Yoshi Photography snap a few pictures of the car. Without hesitation the offer was accepted and the rest was history. Yoshi went out of his way to snap pictures at such a short notice. Thank you Yoshi; be sure to call when you are ready to upgrade that KA heart attack to alive and well SR20 before race wars!

In addition to paint prep I have finally decided what color to paint the grids. Decision remains no color at all but a polished finish.

Drove clear out to Surprise, AZ to drop off the wheels for polish and have recently received and update; wheels will be done next weekend.

Soon enough the s14 will be sitting perfectly as viewed in my dreams. As regards power; I plan to replace all vacuum lines to the new push lock lines before doubling the boost pressure. Now that the car is driven regularly I have clocked 97,200 miles on the 97 240sx. Maybe I’ll have a celebration once it reaches the 100,000 mile mark.

Here are a few pictures from the photo shoot.

As for the track car progress is finally underway; Daniel at Boost Junkyz has completed the custom turbo kit within one week which is sooner than I expected. We are sticking to the JDM SR platform but upgrading to the Engineered for Racing turbo from BorgWarner.

The new efr turbos’ aren’t upgrades to an existing turbo lineup; they are a completely new species from my research and understanding. Hopefully soon the track car will be drivable so I can finally hit the track.


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Bryce said...

Man, could I get the rim and tire sizes for this car? This fitment is absolutely sick! I've never seen anything this fresh