Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snaps> TF X HellaFlush 5 (Part 1 or 2)

After a 6 hour journey and much dismay of a rebuilt motor (thanks Pat) and a couple of add-ons since XDC Vegas, Jared & Jen were able to drive down to cali to make the HellaFlush 5 event, held in Venice Beach, CA.

It was an amazing event, packed with amazing cars. A car meet that was a cut above the rest, encompassing almost every facet of car enthusiast you could possibly think of, ranging from Honda boys, drifters, VIP guys, time attack guys, all show, all go had everything top to bottom. Even some drift RC guys as well. With an endless stream of cars coming and going throughout the day, you could definitely see the impact of the hellaflush movement throughout socal and even beyond it's state lines. Me and Jared represented hard at the event, and definitely walked away with a sense of belonging to this unstoppable movement and humbled to see so many other cars just like ours at the event. It was a definitely a hi-light for me, and I hope we can participate in more HF events to come...

Bigups to the organizers, media and all who participated!

TF Hatchback division repping at HF 5

sickest Z

Bippu cars everywhere! awesome!

Andres, get yo weight up!

CF lips...delicious!

SSRs are always a classic!

Cleanest Hatches ever!

Got Jared wit the purple lugs!

Most outstanding!

Camber anyone?

I wonder what he does with his IS350?


This made my show

Custom Pink

Bippu Bippu Bippu

Asian Guido lololol

Mr Abbit..keep up the baller vidz!

Bill step yo game up!

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