Friday, June 18, 2010

Inspiration> Faith, Hard work and Drifting ...Joon Maeng's Blog

It's humbling to read and see such people like Joon Maeng in the world of motorsports. If you watch any current FD vids held in 2010, you'll soon realize that when the Bergenholtz Racing Full Tilt RX8 comes sliding around a corner, there's nothing but smoke, and the rotary sounds bouncing of the will immediately dawn on you that the man behind the wheel of that car is a monster! yes, Joon Maeng drifts like a monster! Upon keeping up with his blog, which I highly recommend all aspiring drifters to read, it will move and inspire you! In simple words, he works hard at his daily grind, he drifts with a commited heart and he is a faithful religious man off the track...amazing! Definitely a good role model for alot of us! We sincerely hope and wish JM all the best for 2010 and the FD season up ahead!

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