Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update> Jared's S13 Update 2011

Hello world!

Its been about a year since my last update on my car and quite alot has changed.

I've done a couple car shows lately and won Hottest JDM @XDC remix which I was pretty excited about. I wish I had done more before, who would have known what I could have won. I was able to do a couple drift events before my wiring had fried so i thought it was time to do a complete re-vamp of things.

I decided that I would Kick the old s15 turbo to the curb in place for a new twin-scroll top mount kit. The manifold is a Future Fab TS dual wastegate setup that is compatible with a/c(which is a must in AZ) and power steering. It will be mated with a Garrett GTX3071r turbo. This is a new design by Garrett which allows quicker spool and more power thruought the power-ban and has an increase of total HP of 580 (previous 3071r is 460hp).

I've stockpiled many parts over this time period so here is a quick look into my 2011-12 s13 re-build...


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