Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snaps> Cocaine dealer Alex's Build Update 2011

It’s been quite some time since anyone has seen progress on the cocaine zenki so I figured it’s time to fill everyone in on what’s been going on for the past year or so. Be patient though, I haven’t given up on the car but the progress is definitely slow due to work and nearing my graduation from ASU. I decided I was tired of the slow, stock rb so I pulled the engine out December of 2009 and it’s been a crazy build process since then. I’ve got an entire room full of parts (not an exaggeration) for this build including parts from Full-Race, Garrett, TiAL, Aeromotive, RC Engineering, CP, Carrillo, Supertech and the list goes on. Most recently I decided to strip the entire engine bay of the seam sealer and stitch weld it for more rigidity. I also went ahead and cut out the tubs to fab up some new ones to allow for clearance of the new wheels I’m getting. Since the rb is such a large motor for these cars and everything is a tight fit, I’m going to have to get a little creative and do something a little different than the normal tub design….stay tuned for finished pics!!

With the summer rolling in quick and graduation right around the corner I should be getting a lot more time to work on my car. The goal is to have the build done and back on the streets by July so stay tuned…..I promise you won’t be disappointed with the finished build!!