Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snaps> Raymond's Build..Updated

Hey Guys here's a couple of updates on my build so far...I'm almost there, and hopefully my car will up and running pretty soon..see you guys on the streets.


I ended up getting my valve cover shaved. It turned out pretty nice(imo)! Then I took it over to Glendale powder coating to get coated with some candy purp! My cell phone makes it look a lil Blue : (.

While my valve cover was at powder coating I took sometime to get a couple more things checked off the list... Installed PBM HMIC, and also had John and Matt at Future Fabrication out here in AZ(they do amazing work) weld on my Tial BOV flange and -10 fitting for my IC piping. They will also be doing my tubs intake, and catch can here in the near future

Im trying to do all of this on a budget so I ran out of money and was not able to do the twinscroll setup that I wanted. So I went with the next bext thing. A tomei expreme mani, tomei elbow, and modded 2871 w/ .64ar. Still waiting for the elbow to get here once it does im going to strap everything on and the car will be off to Future Fab!! Then the motor will be pulled and engine bay will get sprayed

A lil stretch for you peeps!

Doing a test fit of my SSRs and BN kit...lookin good!

stay posted for more updates in the near future...


teddydanh said...

God DAMN son! Please bring that shit to LA and let's make a sick as fuck street drifting video YOU'RE NOT DOWN bitch.


raymond said...

Will do!!! I am all ways down for the street gang bang!!

jared said...

Shits weak son!!! Why you postin pics of MY turbo?