Monday, February 8, 2010

Snaps > Jared's *Hellaflush approved* S13 build completed (aka Silver Surfer)

After a few dedicated months of hardwork, time, money, hard wrenching, fabricating, blood, sweat and tears.... TF crew member, Jared aka curb killa has finished his build of his S13 hatchback, aka Silver Surfer...Here are the shot's done by one of our resident TF photographers,Harry aka Boost...enjoy guys

Special thanks:
Pitstop Performance
Danny @ Twisted Metal Autobody (AZ)
John @ Future Fabrications
Raymo for breaking the subframe bolt
Alex for electical help
Pat for figuring out Alex's electical help

Josh @ hellaflush for featuring the car

Special Thanks to Josh @ HellaFlush / Fatlace for showing love.


Anonymous said...


Mike^15 said...

Nice, whats the color of this car if you don't mind me asking. Is it off of amything, or a custom job?

Dweeb said...


Opposite Grip said...

Yo jared, cars lookin good man. Your engine bay makes me jealous. Mind tellin me the size of the wheels? This is the dude from ASB BTW that has the maroon s13 from south dakota.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the comments. It took a while to put the car together but in the end it was well worth it. Mike^15- the color is Meteor Grey pearl its off audi/porche. If I remember right Opposite Grip your name is Chris? Sorry I'm terrible with names but my wheels are 18x9.5-10(f) 18x11-0(r) I think our wheels are the same size

Opposite Grip said...

Yep Kris is the name. Yeah your wheels in the front are about 12mm more than mine and rear are .5 wider same offset. I can believe how much more dish they (seem?) to have than mine. For reference i have 18x9.5 +2 18x10.5 0. Cars lookin dope though

tailoutsx said...

Silver surfer was never this cool.

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This car is like taken out of a dream, is simply fabulous, so luxurious, but I only think what its price is...a clue! SO expensive.