Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fresh out the oven! Our first batch! yay!

Our first batch has just arrived! yay!

Crew members - please contact brad to collect your shirt! cheers!


Anonymous said...

No more Touge Factory / Risky Devil rip-off logo?

AJ said...

That was me btw.

-AJ of Risky Devil, with love

ninja perv said...

hey AJ,...nah we decided to switch it up a lil...something more's unfortunate about the touge factory/risky thing, we don't mean to step on chitown boys feet (no punt intended), but its a privilege to be compared to the Risky guys however..lolol..thanks for dropping by...awesome photography! keep it up...and if you ever swing thru AZ again...hit us up!

AJ said...

No one is comparing you to us, we were pointing out that your logo is a direct rip-off of the old touge factory logo, and the text is the same as our Risky Devil logo.

I'm in Tucson 2-3 times a year to visit family/friends... Maybe I'll see you around a drift day next time I drive out.

ninja perv said...

yea..the logo is about to change, coz it looks like the old tougefactory

yea for sure, if you roll up to phx, let us know!

Anonymous said...

These suck, the old logo was better

Anonymous said...

is there a way of contacting you guys?
interested in shirt

please get back asap