Thursday, November 20, 2008

Roll Call

Members of Top Flight

-Jared (s13 FB curb killa)
-Damien (s13 CPE burnout king)
-Raymond (s14 incog-negro)
-George (s14 KAPOWER)
-Brad (s13 FB FOB mobbin')
-Dax (s13 CPE 2tone pwncake)
-Harrison (G35S, Support Vehicle, Makin U wet)

1 comment:

Rayshaun said...

Hey guys this is Rayshaun, Raymond's sis. I see you guys are doing it big in the drift world. If Y'all need a girl drifter I am down. Remember I smoked raymond and Jared.

First I have to buy a 240. Dont worry i got the funds.

Prod of you guys stay up